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Vase with “One Hundred Flowers” Motif in Overglaze Enamels (琺瑯彩“百花不落地”花瓶)

Qing Dynasty (1368–1644), Qianlong Reign (1736–1795)

Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA, USA

       When a Chinese emperor employs the auspicious motif of “one hundred flowers”, the blessings extend over his entire empire. A profusion of flowers amassed together in bloom covers this vase. This luxurious design symbolizes a wish for the Qing empire to last as long as flowers grow in the world.

       Identifiable flowers include chrysanthemum, peony, lotus, magnolia, peach, yellow hibiscus, apricot, morning glory, rose camellia, daylily, narcissus, and wisteria. 

Photo Credit: China Online Museum