Welcome to China Online Museum!

Welcome and thank you for visiting China Online Museum!

I started this project in early 2009 to introduce Chinese art and culture to people around the world. The first website was www.chinaonlinemuseum.com. In 2016, I launched this new website to provide visitors with a better viewing experience.

For historical reasons, many great Chinese artworks are scattered in various parts of the world. For most of us, we would not always have the luxury to travel to museums in Beijing or Taipei or Tokyo or London or New York to view these artworks. Even if you do make it to one of these places, you can only see a very tiny amount of artworks that are currently on display. Although viewing a digital image is not the same as viewing the actual artwork, it does give us art-lovers a lot of convenience and satisfaction.

China Online Museum primarily focuses on Chinese bronzes, calligraphy, painting, ceramics, jade, and carving. For each of these categories, I try to pick the most representative works of art to form the virtual galleries. The artworks are chosen from many famous museums and public auctions. I hope you will find a few of them that truly resonate with your heart.

If you have any comment or suggestion, please email curator [at] comuseum.com

Yu Yibo

Curator, China Online Museum