Splendid Finds from the Haihunhou Cemetery

The Capital Museum of China in Beijing is currently hosting a special exhibition of the excavations from the Haihunhou Cemetery, the best-preserved royal tombs of the Western Han dynasty ever discovered in China. The cemetery is located in Nanchang in southeastern China’s Jiangxi province.

Jade seals found in the main tomb suggest that the owner is Liu He, grandson of Emperor Wu, the most famed ruler of China’s Han dynasty (206 BC – AD 24). Liu He was given the title “Haihunhou” – or “Marquis of Haihun” – after he was deposed as the emperor of the Han dynasty for only 27 days.

Among more than 10,000 items, archeologists have found gold, bronzes, jade, lacquer ware, bamboo slips, over 10 tons of bronze coins, and even chariots.

If you would like to see the splendid finds from the Han dynasty, you’d better hurry. The exhibition is through June 2, 2016.