Diligence and Intelligence: Song and Yuan Calligraphy and Paintings from Private Collections

After three years of preparation, the Long Museum in Shanghai is hosting an exhibition of Song and Yuan calligraphy and paintings from private collections. Titled “Diligence and Intelligence”, the exhibition features more than 80 pieces of artworks from the 11th to 14th century, including paintings by the Song emperor Huizong and court artist Ma Yuan. About half of the artworks are owned by the Long Museum and the other half borrowed from other collectors.

The Long Museum is a private museum founded by the billionaire Liu Yiqian and his wife Wang Wei in late 2012. The word “Long” means dragon in Chinese. Liu Yiqian has been receiving a lot of media exposure in recent years due to hefty acquisitions of Chinese and Western artworks, including a Chenghua chicken cup at 281 million HKD in 2014.

The exhibition is through March 31, 2017.