Paintings and Calligraphic Works of Zhao Mengfu

A scholar;

A man of two dynasties, Song and Yuan;

Famed throughout the world, honored across the dynasties;

In calligraphy surpassing the Tang and Song masters,

Inheriting the legacy of Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi,

Full of poise and grace;

In painting ushering in the new age of the literati painter;

A teacher among whose disciples is the prominent

Huang Gongwang, creator of Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains;

This is Zhao Mengfu.

(The text above is from the Palace Museum, Beijing.)

This special exhibition is focused on the paintings and calligraphy of Zhao Mengfu. It also showcases some works of the Four Yuan Masters, who are heavily influenced by Zhao Mengfu.

The exhibition is through December 5, 2017. The Palace Museum is closed on Mondays.

The Palace Museum is located at the heart of Beijing, directly behind the Tiananmen. The exhibition is inside the Wuying Hall (武英殿).

Photo Credit: China Online Museum