Ode to the Red Cliff

Su Shi (1037–1101), who is widely known as Su Dongpo, was a renowned figure in the fields of literature and calligraphy who lived during the Northern Song dynasty. In the third year of Emperor Shenzong’s Yuanfeng reign period (1080), Su was exiled to Huangzhou, the site of the modern city of Huanggang in Hubei province. During this period, he embarked on an overwater sojourn past an area known as Red Cliff. In the seventh and tenth lunar months of the fifth year of the Yuanfeng reign period (1082), Su penned two pieces of writing recording his trip. The first is known as “Former Ode to the Red Cliff” and the second as “Latter Ode to the Red Cliff.” These two works exerted an enormous influence on poetry, prose, calligraphy, and painting created in the eras that followed. This exhibition presents the calligraphy of these two odes—officially certified as National Treasures—written during the Yuan dynasty by Zhao Mengfu (1254–1322). Through Zhao Mengfu’s writings and art, we can feel his deep reverence for Su Shi.

This exhibition is through June 25, 2023.

Source: National Palace Museum in Taipei