Unrestrained Brushes, Sophisticated Elegance — Paintings by Ren Bonian

Ren Bonian (任伯年, 1840–1895) was a pioneer in the history of modern Chinese painting. He was a representative figure of the early stage of the Shanghai School, characterized by the combination of meticulous techniques and sketching ideas in both flower-and-bird painting and figure painting. He took inspirations from Chen Hongshou, Zhu Da, Yun Shouping, Chen Chun, Shitao, and blended folk art and western paintings. 

This special exhibition comprises 158 pieces/sets of paintings from 24 museums and institutions. It is the first systematic presentation of Ren Bonian’s artistic style formation and influence, as well as the inclusive, open, and diverse characteristics of the Shanghai School represented by him.

This exhibition is hosted by the Xu Wei Art Museum in Shaoxing. It will run through December 9, 2023.

Source: Xu Wei Art Museum, Photos: Xu Jia