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Reminiscences of Chengdu (怀成都十韵诗)

Lu You (陸游, 1125–1210), Song Dynasty (960–1279)

Handscroll, ink on paper, 34.6 x 82.4 cm, The Palace Museum, Beijing

       This scroll is a seven-character ancient poem by Lu You, transcribed by himself for a friend in his later years. The content depicts the author’s life and surroundings when he was about 50 years old, serving as an official in Chengdu. The style of the poem is bold and grand, with a vigorous and concise writing that is also spiritually enlightening. It can be said that it embodies the dual beauty of lyrical expression and refined calligraphy.

Lu You: Reminiscences of Chengdu
Lu You: Reminiscences of Chengdu