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Misty Trees at Zhenze (震澤煙樹圖)

Tang Yin (唐寅,1470-1524), Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

Hanging scroll, ink and light color on paper, 47 x 37.8 cm, National Palace Museum, Taipei

       A vast expanse of waves and slender bamboo stalks have been depicted in light colors in this painting. Within the bamboo forest are several thatched huts. A column of steam from a kitchen rises from one of the houses. According to the inscription on the painting, this work depicts the scenery of the home of Tang Yin’s good friend, Geng Jingzhai (耿敬齋). With this scene the artist hopes to express his wish to lead a life without worldly ambition, abandoning himself to nature and living a leisurely, carefree existence with his old friend. The poem complements the painting, bringing out the elegance and grace of the brushwork and imbuing the work with an everlasting mood.

Misty Trees at Zhenze